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My counselling approach

I categorize my approach into three sections. 1. Finding your balance and purpose 2. Finding the reasons why 3. Finding additional supports to assist your mind, body and soul on your journey of healing.

Finding balance and purpose

There is a quote that says 'Happiness is simple: Someone to love, something to do and something to look forward to'. This sounds simple however a lot of us don't actually know what to do and what our purpose is. I believe knowing what valuable contribution we are here to offer makes it a lot easier to make positive choices for ourselves. Our purpose grounds us and helps us see the importance of ourselves. 
I believe living a balanced life is the other key component to making a successful change in your life. Taking responsibility for your self-care and choices in your life needs to be a top priority when on a path to making permanent change happen. Together in session we explore your purpose and balance to support your journey of healing. 
We start with these sessions for you to build the emotional framework and structures needed to move onto the next section.

Sat on the Rocks

Finding the reason

Human beings have the amazing resilience and strength to survive. Childhood trauma and traumatic experiences as an adult can leave us with unhealed wounds that have us needing a coping mechanism. Some of us are aware of these traumas and some of us are not. However, the body does remember and gives you reminders that you need to heal through the form of triggers. When you continue to ignore these messages they get bigger and louder and will continue to do so til you are ready to face the root of the problem and heal the pain. 
Together in session we work through these buried pains and gain clarity on why a strong coping mechanism was needed in the first place. 
I take a trauma informed approach which means these sessions do not start til you are feeling strong enough and emotionally ready to talk about it.

Underwater Dive

Additional supporting therapies

I take a holistic approach to change and healing. I believe your nutrition, physical movement and spirituality all play a part to support you on your journey to becoming the best version of yourself. Together we can explore how these factors can help you and why they are so important to your mental health.

Meditation by the Sea
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